Regarding small animals, many bully breed dogs have a high prey drive and may chase small animals or livestock. How well a bully does in a home with a cat or small animal depends on the temperament of the individual dog and the supervision of its owner.

Why You Should Never Take a Bully Breed Dog to a Dog Park

Dog parks can be chaotic and not everyone is knowledgeable about proper dog etiquette.

Dogs are pack animals. Strange dogs interacting with one another are not a pack and as a

result scuffles can occur. You can socialize your bully by having regular play dates with

his/her own pack. Develop a small group of playmates for supervised fun in a safe and

contained, private area. At some point in every dog owner's life, their dog will either initiate

or be subject to an attack by another dog. If your dog is a bully breed, one of two things will

happen - he/she will walk away or it will defend itself. If your bully breed dog is involved in

a fight at a dog park, whether or not it started the fight, the situation can feed the stereotype

of bully breeds and further tarnish their image. While dog parks can be fun with its many

different breeds and temperaments, the odds of your dog getting into an unfavorable situation

is increased. Taking your dog to a dog park is not worth the risk.

For Pitbull Parents


One of our favorite organizations is Best Friends Animal Sanctuary in Kenab, Utah. And one of our very favorite pit bull resources is the website dedicated to their "Saving America's Dogs" campaign! Not only will you find perhaps the best collection of bully breed information, education, advocacy tools, breaking news and awareness campaigns, but you'll also find details on BSL (breed specific legislation), media galleries and more. Check it out today!

Bay Area Dog Lovers Responsible About Pit Bulls
Check out their website for heartwarming updates, photos and stories about the dogs they took in from the Michael Vick case. A great source of education and information for all things bully!

Pit Bull Rescue Central
A great website for pit bulls facts, information and education as well as a network for rescue and adoption.

HSUS Dogfighting Campaign
The Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) has a wonderful nationwide animal cruelty and fighting campaign, aimed at educating the public about the tough reality of animal fighting and offering tips on how we each can do our part in putting an end to the suffering. This link focuses on dogfighting in particular and is a great resource for those wanting to become involved as an advocate.

For Pits' Sake
This great site highlights pit bulls in their truly heroic roles as animal-assisted therapy dogs, search and rescue canines and more. It also covers topics such as breed legislation and canine safety.

Happy Pit Bull
A wonderful resource, this site is written by a couple whose life was changed the day they took in a stray pit bull. Filled with the story of their journey to understanding these amazing dogs, as well as lots of great tips, advice, information and links, it's a great place to learn about bullies!

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