Big Bully Rescue is a small home based rescue and group of friends dedicated to rescuing and re-homing bully type breeds and the "misunderstood" Molosser breeds. We also strive to help these breeds obtain a positive image through education despite the image that the general public has of them due to misinformation and media sensationalism. We advocate spay/neuter and responsible ownership, as well as battling backyard breeding, dog fighting, and inhumane treatment of these wonderful dogs. We advocate responsible dog ownership and compassion for bully type breeds.

Our dogs are rescued from the euthanasia lists from various shelters, or from the streets. We rarely take owner turn-ins. However, in certain circumstances, acceptance of an owner turn in may be considered. We are willing to offer assistance and/or provide knowledge of what may happen to your bully breed should he/she be turned into the shelter.

 Big Bully Rescue is located in Phoenix, Arizona we do not have a shelter or a facility, our rescued dogs are in our homes/foster, if there is no open space in our homes, we cannot take in a dog.


JACOB ELLIS, president 602-725-1725 or 

Jake has eighteen years of bully breed experience rescuing, rehabilitating and working with dogs that have been abused, used as bait dogs and dogs that are in need of socialization and training simply because they were never shown this in their past. 

Our rescue group consists of some very passionate and knowledgeable volunteers ready to assist in rescues, training, fostering, events, fundraisers, food donations, transports and spreading the word of the need for responsible ownership of these magnificent breeds that are simply misunderstood